Google Plans To Pre-Instal Chrome On PCs

Google is plans to convince computer makers to per-install its Chrome Web browser on their PCs, if they succeed then Google can give a stiff competition to market leaders like Mozilla's Firefox and Microsoft's IE.

In addition, Google VP of product management, Sundar Pichai, told The Times that the company planned to launch a major marketing push behind Chrome once Google finished with beta testing and launched the final version in January.

"We will probably do distribution deals," Pichai told the London newspaper. "We could work with an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and have them ship computers with Chrome pre-installed."
If they succeed then then this strategy could certainly help Google to boost their browser in the world of Internet. Though, Google's Chrome is currently stands at less than 1% of web users. Since browser is a doorway to the Web, the software is an important avenue for steering users to online services.

Pichai said Google would launch a major push to get its browser before the public, once the software is out of testing mode. "We will throw our weight behind it," he told the newspaper.

Pichai also said that Google planned to launch versions of Chrome for Linux and Apple's Mac OS X in the first half of next year. The current version of Chrome only runs on Windows

Microsoft is also planning to launch their final version of Internet Explorer8, which currently undergoing its beta testing. Recently the company said the final version could come as early as the first quarter. IE8 includes a number of new features, particularly in area of privacy.


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