Numonyx's Flash Memory Devies- All Set To Go

Numonyx, a joint venture of Intel and STMicroelectronics, introduced a lineup of NAND flash memory devices on Thursday for consumer electronics, ranging from digital cameras and MP3 players to mobile phones and USB drives.

Numonyx using its 41-nanometer process to manufacture its new products, including 16 and 32 GB multilevel cell NAND chips for use in solid-state drivers, USB drives, and memory cards, an embedded MultiMedia card and a microSD memory card.

MicroMediaCard and microSD cards are used in widely in consumer electronic devices. Currently Numonyx is aiming its MMC at mobile phones. personal global positioning system, and also in set-top boxes. And on other hand company's microSD is aiming at mobile phones, digital still cameras and camcorders, and MP3 players. A microSD is the smallest memory card available commercially and is typically used for added storage.

MMC comes in capacities from 2GB to 32GB, and the microSD from 2GB to 8G. The lineup is available for devices manufacturers, with the exception of the 32GB embedded MMC. Samples are scheduled to be in January.

Intel and STMicroelectronics was officially launched Numonyx in March this year. The multibillion-dollar company, which is expected to generate some $3.6 billion in annual revenue, engaged the tech companions money-losing businesses for flash memory devices.

The NAND flash memory market has been hit hard because of an flood that has grown worse in the economic downturn. One of the main reason of slump of the semi--conductor industry is because of dejection of market which  still one of the big problem for companies.

The industry as a whole is expected to suffer a second year of revenue decline in 2009, marking the first time chipmakers have seen sales drop in back-to-back years, according to Gartner. Revenue next year is expected to total just $219.2 billion, a 16.3% drop from this year, which is forecast to suffer a 4.4% drop from 2007 to $261.9 billion.

Though, there are some big competitors of Numonyx including Samsung Electronics, Toshiba and Texas Instruments.


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