Adobe Flash isn't just Online Multimedia Software anymore

In recent time Adobe is releasing several new product and their updates, now they are not just a online multimedia software anymore.

"We've wrapped all of our branding and messaging around the Adobe Flash Platform," explained Michele Turner, VP of product marketing and product management for Adobe's platform business unit. This isn't new, she said, "it's just packaged the way it should have been years ago."
On the Web total percentage of Flash power video is about 80%, said Turner.

Of course, Microsoft, has been promoting its Silverlight technology as an alternate of Flash. The open source technology like HTML, CSS and Ajax are growing and Microsoft is trying to get hold over it. To fend Microsoft, Adobe is rolling out new releases and update day after day to remain favorite of their arms supplier to multimedia designers and developers.

Adobe is planing to lunch their new product called Adobe Flash Catalyst, which is a designing tool to create application interface without any coding. Demonstrated previously under the code name Thermo, Adobe Flash Catalyst ingests files from Adobe Creative Suite 4 application so they can publish it to Flash or AIR, this wil allow Adobe's framework to run rich internet applications outside the browser, and open the gate for design and development collaboratively, in con conjunction with an upcoming version of Flex Builder.

"It's an Eclipse-based tool that has an integrated two-way work flow," explained Turner. It will allow designer and developers to work for their project in parallel.

Adobe is also planning to release a preview version of the new Flex builder that integrates with Adobe Flash Catalyst called "Gumbo" on Monday. Company is hoping to attract a large number of developers. Beyond its new collaborative capabilities, the software features enhancements to the core integrated development environment, debugger, and editor. It also consist of new code profiling components and data-centric development capabilities.

Turner said that Flex Builder has been popular with JavaScript developers but less so with general scripted. Adobe, she said, wants to make Flex Builder a more general-purpose programming tool.

AIR 1.5 is also in queue or getting launch for Mac OS X and Window on Monday, and Linux version before end of this year.
Adobe already updated its Flash Media Server technology to enable dynamic streaming for servers, and to include enhanced AAC audio and improved content protection. Not only this company plans to demonstrate Flash Player 10 for smartphones though not the iPhones.


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