AMD's New generation Graphic device for Gamer's

Computer processor producer AMD has released 1GB AMD FirePro V4900 for pcs that require high computer pace especially suitable for visual content.

AMD FirePro V4900
"The AMD FirePro V4900 is in a group of its own and redefines entry-level expert style greeting card features," said Sandeep Gupte(General Manager of Professional Graphics, AMD). He included FirePro V4900 controls AMD's most superior style engineering and features AMD Eyefinity multi-display engineering that helps up to six features to increase efficiency.

They increases the operation of competing choices in many digital content design (DCC) and computer served style (CAD) application testing, the assessment report said.

AMD said FirePro products are examined and qualified with many top programs to guarantee interface, steadiness for best operation.

AMD FirePro V4900 has obtained qualifications for a variety of programs such as Abaqus/CAE 6.11, ANSYS 13.0, Autodesk 2012 3D style programs, Bentley Body Microstation V8i, it included.

The chipset will be available in a range of devices from HP and others. "HP work station consumers work at the best levels in every industry - they demand remedies that offer the best operation. By developing the AMD FirePro V4900 into its work stations, HP is offering consumers with a highly effective style solution - cheaply," Mark Wooden said.

Additionally, it has obtained qualifications from several remedies of Siemens PLM Program.

"Siemens PLM Program works strongly with AMD to guarantee its product life cycle management application fulfills the needs of its expert people. AMD FirePro V4900 offers superb operation with value," Costs Boswell, person home, Companion Strategy, Siemens PLM Program said.

This style greeting card will be available in decide on Dell and Fujitsu devices as well, the report said.

AMD has started sales of the chipset for USD 189 through decide on online shops.

HP Design-jet series 3D printer’s-Now enjoy 3D printing

Technology extended ‘day by day’, as we all generally knows only about 3d movies, 3d tv’s,3d camera, but as we said technology is increasing its influence in our day to day life. This time HP (Hewlett Packard) the great leaders in printers manufacturing industries comes with the new design-jet series 3D Printers.
As we talk in general, the printers to us means the device which converts the electronic signals (digital code) comes through cables from computer to the printed sheet, that’s hard copy by the cradle of ink cartages which runs on the optical sensed platform and in-crave ink on sheet as per signals on the page, it’s was all ok till now but what HP has done here is, it has given a new definition to printing, a 3d object or the portrait can be touched, sensed, and even use it in your daily life just by printing it with newly designed jet series 3D printer.
HP design-Jet 3D Printer
As above the normal printers work’s on the digital signals it also works on the same principle, the only difference now is in spite of using paper and ink, HP design-jet series 3D printer is using ABS plastic pipes in place of ink which will then melt and splits layer by layer as per digital signals one layer after another up to portrait completed.
This unconceivable printer mainly being the high utility device for the civil engineers, mechanical engineers, to make prototype of any designed models very cheaply, environment  friendly and efficiently with most important automatically. i.e. no skilled worker required, less time consuming, clean work no error’s occurred which caused due to human error. Use of ABS plastic makes it unbreakable model.
The 3D designed model has dimensions about 203 in width, 152 in height and about 152 in length. And colour vary according to the printer model used CQ656A model is in single colour which cost less than 17500$ (approx) but if you wanted coloured model printing then you have to spent some more bucks and purchased HP Design-jet CQ655A 3D printer which is estimated 18500$(approx).

HTC Incredible S - Smart, Sensible and Sophisticated

HTC Incredible S is an android-based Smartphone, integrates 1GHz processor, 1GB internal space and 756 RAM with eye-catching impressive design.

HTC Incredible S
Incredible S comes with some top-notch features like high resolution video playback of 480 x 800 pixels in 4inch display with full touch screen control and SRS digital sound with stereo music player makes it a complete multimedia device.

HTC has embedded smart controlling G-Sensor to control screen alignment, enables shake phone lock and helps you to control over music player (just shake to change to next track). Other than this, features like game controller and walk-meter measures the kilometres you walk take Incredible S to the next level. Digital compass and GPS tracker guides you in right direction.

To impede any sort of anomalies, HTC has introduced proximity sensor, it sense and turn off screen to avoid any accidental touch through ears during call. Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness which is every common in Smartphone this days. 3G, Wi-Fi and HSPDA technology is provided which enables you to access high speed internet help you to enjoy internet games, movies, videos, songs, connect to your dear ones.

Capture your memorable moment even in dim light with 8Megapixel camera enhanced with twice Led Flash light and record videos in 720p HD and share it on social networking sites. You can also direct face chat with loving ones through secondary camera of 1.3megapixel. And you enjoy all multimedia items up to 3-5 days with 1040mH battery.

HTC Incredible S can cost you around USD 699.