Google Introduce Voice/Video Chat program in Web-mail Client

On 11 Nov, 2008, Google embedded a total new feature to their chatting program in Gmail. Now Gmail users can chat to their friends and relative by including live audio and video on their contacts.

It is to be noted that, standalone chat programs such as AIM and Yahoo IM have offered voice and video chat for years, but none of the major Web mail client offer video chatting capabilities within e-mail program itself.

Google says, "To get started, open a Gmail chat window, click on the "Options" menu at the bottom, and choose "Add voice/video chat," which will walk you through the installation of a free plug-in (a 2-MB download). When you re-open Gmail you'll notice your "Options" link in your chat window has changed to "Video & more." Open this menu and click "Start video chat" to see and hear your partner in high-quality video. You can pop out the video and change its size and position, or switch to full screen."

Google is launching out its new feature on both Mac's and PC's. Gmail users will get services at no extra charger and can video chat with any other Gmail and its Application users.
To use this features, PC users will need WinXP or higher version, and Mac users require an Intel-based machine running at least OS 10.4.
When it comes to browser, the new features are well supported in Chrome, as well as Firefox version 2.0 or higher, IE 7 and UP and Safari 3.0.

To begin with new whole feature Download the plug-in and get start voice/video chatting now!


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This was the first voice chat module of its series..from google.

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