Java Tutorial

Java is an Object-orientated language that enables you to create real world applications. The code re usability feature of Java enables the software developers to upgrade the existing application without rewriting the entire code of the application.
Since Java id OOP's based language I recommended to have a little programming language in following fields:
1. Description the concept and features of object-oriented programming.
2. Declaration and work with variables, literals and arrays.
3. Creating classes and objects and add methods to a class.
4. Identify the various types of access specifiers.
5. Implementing the different conditional statements and looping statements.
6. Pass arguments o methods and create nested classes and add assertions in Java.
7. Use u nary, bit-wise, shift, instanceof operator, and identify the operator’s precedence.

->Characteristics of Java:-
The choice for having a programming language that fulfills all the requirements is Java because it exhibits the following characteristics:

i] Simple : A Java programmer does not need to know the internal details of Java as to how memory is allocated to data because in Java, the programmer does not need to handle memory manipulation.

ii] Object-Oriented: Java supports the object-oriented approach to developed programs.

iii] Compiled and Interpreted: The Java program are first complied and then interpreted.

iv] Portable: Portability refers to the ability of a program to run on any platform without changing the source code of the program.

v] Distributed: Java is used to develop application that can be distributed among various computers on the network.

vi] Secure: Java has built-in security features that verify that the programs do not performs any destructive task, such as accessing the files on a remote system

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