Microsoft's Morro Offering Free Security Software

On Tuesday, Microsoft said that they are planned to kill off its Window Live OneCare subscription security service in favor of a free offering that will feature a core of essential anti-malware tools while eliminates its peripheral services, like PC tune-up programs consist in OneCare.
This step will make Microsoft to get there footstep in low-cost PC market, a side-effect of this step is to catch the eye of trust busters.

Microsoft said, new services, presently code named Morro, will be suitable for use on low cost, low powered notebooks which are gaining popularity in markets and in some of the North American computer market.

"This new no-cost offering will give us the ability to protect an even greater number of consumers, especially in markets where the growth of new PC purchases is outpaced only by the growth of malware," said Amy Barzdukas, Microsoft's senior product manager for online services and Windows, in a statement.
The definition of malware consists a wide range of computer threats, including viruses, sypware, rootkits and Trojans. Many of the hackers connected to organized crime,many times hacker use such tools to extract sensitive data.

Microsoft announced to launch Morro in June 2009, at which time it will discontinue the $49.95/year OneCare service. Morro will be compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and forthcoming Window 7 operating system, the company said.

"By offering such basic protection at no charge to the consumer, Microsoft is promoting a safer environment for PCs, service providers and e-commerce itself," said industry analyst Roger Kay, president of Endpoint Technologies Associates.


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