Open Source Cloud Computing

Cloud-computing platform such as Google App Engine, Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and Mircosoft's Azure Services has provided business a new flexibility to computer resources. Now startups can operate their business with much lower infrastructure costs. Instead of paying or renting hardware, now user have to pay only for processing power that they actually use.
Cloud computing comes with a drawback which includes privacy, security and reliability.

So there is now growing interest in open-source cloud computing, for which the source code is freely available. There tools will help companies to build and customize their own computing clouds. Eucalyptus is one of the open-source software-infrastructure project.

Rich Wolski, a professor in the CS department at The University of California, Santa Barbara, who directs the Project Eucalyptus, says ""We actually started from first principles to build something that looks like a cloud. As a result, we believe that our thing is more malleable. We can modify it, we can see inside it, we can install it and maintain it in a cloud environment in a more natural way."


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