'Pron Mode' Arrives At Firefox Private Browsing

Private Browsing include in pre-release version of Firefox 3.1 Beta 2, according to Programmer Ehsan Akhgar.

"Private Browsing aims to help you make sure that your Web browsing activities don't leave any trace on your own computer," Akhgar explained in a blog post. "It is very important to note that Private Browsing is not a tool to keep you anonymous from Web sites or your ISP, or for example protect you from all kinds of spyware applications which use sophisticated techniques to intercept your online traffic. Private Browsing is only about making sure that Firefox doesn't store any data which can be used to trace your online activities, no more, no less."
Other browsing companies like Apple's Safari, Google's Chrome and Mircosoft's IE 8 Beta 2 all feature a private browsing mode referred to as "Pron Mode".

Firefox is already sharing 20% of browsing globe market for two out of the four weeks last month. "Congratulations to the Mozilla community for reaching this historic milestone!" exclaimed Ken Kovash, Mozilla's metrics chief, in a blog post.

Private browsing feature will be soon available to the general public in Firefox 3.1 Beat 2, which is soon going to be release.
You can also download its current developer version build at the Mozilla Developer page.


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