Red Hat New Version On Way (Fedora #10)

Red Hat has a new version of Fedora 10 launching later this month. It is to be note that release schedule might change in time, could be ratified by FESco.
Fedora has many a project finished or in queue for Fedora 10. They are some key feature that I am going to include, it is obvious that to take them all out here is not possible. Therefore, some of the sorted features are like:

1] AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) Infrastructure:
It is one of the biggest package that has been implemented to Fedora 10. AMQP technology makes easier to build scalable, high-performance enterprise application.Its primary aim is to create an open standard for messaging in order to create open and interoperable messaging.
Some benefit of AMQP technology are;
* Reliably deliver value bearing messages,
* Rapidly deliver status events to a large community,
* File transfer.
2] New Version of RPM (about time!)
3] A faster and linear start up.
4] GStreamer codec installation assistance (like Ubuntu)
5] FisrtAidKit (A system-repair tool)

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The version of the linux Fedora 10 has really an impressive GUI's..

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