Search Shares Battle

It seems Microsoft is struggling to hold the ground in Internet services, the latest figures are telling a different story. Currently Microsoft is losing its ground to Google.

Microsoft and Yahoo both are suffering traffic lose. Based on Neilsen data, SearchEnginWatch is saying the Microsoft and Yahoo have lost ground in the past year. Most of the traffic has gone to Google, the search giants gained about 8 % year over year, where as Microsoft lost 19 % and Yahoo has lost 12 % and this figures are not so good for both the companies, even if we combine the search share of both the companies, it would be less than half of Google's share. A monopoly can be establish in up coming year if Google continues its run in field of search.

Do the hit counters at ComScore have a different take on this situation? The Seattle Post-Intelligencer quotes a ComeScore study that shows Microsoft's search share holing steady. However, that refers to October vs September search share. If we take a look over period of one year, then a sharp decline can be seen as Neilsan found.

Under this two contradictory headlines, there is actually some consistent data. Since last year, Microsoft has lost almost 20 percent of its search share, but in recent time period this sharp fall had a halt. Even Yahoo has observed a slight uptick in searches over the past two months. Even if this two merge then does it will make any difference in this case when both are way behind Google.


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