Google Chrome Offering Third Party Applications

Chrome is now offering ad-blocking and other extensions, a move that would give the Google Web browser the same level of customization as Mozilla Firefox.

In Chrome, Google offers the users to install third party applications that add capabilities to users, but not provided by Mozilla, and this is the reason why open source is so popular. Google is apparently borrowing from that playbook in proposing the extension system to Chromium, the open source project behind the development of Chrome.

Google's proposition was announced over the weekend in a blog post from Aaron Boodman, a Google programmer working on Chrome. The design document abstracts that would have to be addressed, like application programming interfaces to connect extension to the Chrome engine.

Google lists some types of extensions that the company would like to support extensions like ad and flash blockers. It is to be noted that Google is making some big money through Web advertising but later has decided not to ignore two of the most popular Firefox extensions. Google says it would also support bookmarking/navigation tools, download helpers, and another important application privacy and parental controls.

Though Google did not set a timetable for releasing an extension system for Chrome, but the design documentation for Chromium developers indicates the search engine has already started to work on the technology.

The main moto of Google is to design Chrome to be light-weight and fast. Google also tried to have a minimalist user interface and to avoid crashing under have JavaScript demands of Web applications. While many people believes Google has largely met its set goals, not having an extension system gives their biggest rival Firefox the upper hand. An another well known browser from Microsoft's Internet Explorer, does not provides an open extension system.

Because of extension web user have freedom customize their browser to met their needs, but on other hand extension can also effect the performance on browser.

If you haven't seen Chrome in action yet, then have a look to Google Chrome image gallery.


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Google readily upgrading its browser for the user customization and all with these third party extensions..

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