Intel Out With Mobile Quad-Core Chip

Intel introduce a new mobile quad-core chip, which Acer started offering Monday in its latest Aspire laptop for multimedia and gaming enthusiasts.

Moreover, online retailers started offering per-orders of Advanced Micro Devices Phenom II quad-core chips, which is planned to introduce in next month at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas by AMD. This new product by AMD is aimed at high-end desktops.

Aspire 8930g-7665 laptop by Acer is powered by Intel's new Core II Quad Q9000. On last Sunday, Intel release and updated price list that list the 2.0 GHz Q9000 for $348 in batches of 1000. Pricing for Intel's other mobile quad cores start at $851, with the highest price product, the QX9300, listing for $1038.

Not only this, Intel also listed four new dual-core processors for laptops, the 2.93 GHz T9800 for $530; the 2.66 GHz P9600 for $348; the 2.66 GHz T9550 for $316 and in last 2.53 GHz P8700 for $241only.

An 18-inch display, including 4 GB of memory the latest Acer Aspire sports with an Nvidia GeForce 9700M GT graphics card with 512 MB of video memory, and a 500 GB 7200 RPM hard disk. The system is also lass with a Blu-ray disc player, built-in Wi-Fi support, a web-cam and Window Vista Premium. The manufacturer suggested retail price in $1800.


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Intel is acquiring processor market share with a rapid rate ... if there competitors doesn't come up with new things the certainly Intel will have monopoly in market place..

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Intel regularly introducing a new technology in the field of processor or technologies related to these processors..

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