Intel Releases Window 7 Graphics Driver

A pre-production version of Window 7 drivers for graphics chipsets has been released by Intel. The WDDM1.1 graphics driver is designed for ""enabling the full Windows 7 experience," Intel said, noting that the driver is the result of on-going collaboration with Microsoft.
"As a result of the collaboration, OEMs and beta users can stay in step with Windows 7 prereleases for smooth product development," Intel said.

This pre-production of drivers allows hardware components to communicate with a computer system OS. Window 7 is expected to be ship out in late 2009 or early 2010.

In Windows Vista case, when it was launched in January of last year, many hardware makers including Intel, didn't have fully compatible drivers ready. This happened due to bad press of Vista which leads to its downfall in OS market and ultimately it was rejected by the large proportion of businesses as well as consumers.

Avoiding previous mistakes which leads Vista towards downfall, this time Microsoft earlier this year ordered computer and other hardware makers to begin testing their devices on Windows 7 as soon as their beta version becomes available.

Microsoft's Window Logo will certified for compatibility program for Windows 7 or Windows Vista only when hardware makers that follows with the edict. "Beginning with the first beta of Windows 7 all Windows Vista submissions must include a complete CPK with test logs from Windows 7," Microsoft said in a 61-page bulletin to its hardware partners.

Microsoft's uncompromising stance with PC makers and Chipmakers on Window 7 compatibility should be no surprise. Microsoft is entangled in a lawsuit filed by consumers who claim they were misled into buying systems that, they contend, were labeled in an incorrectly manner as Vista compatible.

Microsoft unveiled Windows 7 features at its Los Angeles professional Developers Conference in October and are eagerly waiting to ship out there OS as soon as possible. Though company already announced saying that Window 7 won't available until early 2010, but the January releases of beta DVD is pointing that Window 7 could be on desktop late in 2009.
Microsoft is hoping Windows 7, which includes native support for touch screens, will help erase memories of Vista, which has been a disappointment for the company.


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