Kill Switch Making Notebooks More Secure

Ericsson on Thursday introduce an anti-theft module that taps Intel's on-chip technology for disabling lost and stolen commercial laptops.
With some other features, the Mobile Broadband Module includes a global positioning system (GPS) with the help of it laptop can be easily trace out, which needs connection to a cellular network which support high-speed packet access, a collection currently ground in 76 countries.

The module successful use the benefits of Intel's anti-theft technology within the chipmaker's Centrino 2 platform. When both technology get combined then it is possible for a user to disable its laptop completely by send a simple short message service or welly know SMS. Once SMS received, though module laptop itself block the boot process and finally laptop becomes of no-use. The Ericsson technology is capable to send location data to a central server, which helps to sort out the place that what is the exact location of laptop.

This new releases by Ericsson is to promote more businesses to use cellular networks for mobile broadband. "We are committed to work with industry leaders to shape a complete, end-to-end solution to drive increased mobile broadband adoption," Mats Norin, VP and head of Mobile Broadband Modules at Ericsson, said in a statement.

Through the use of security software provided by other vendors, Intel's hardware-based technology can be programmed to disable a laptop following activities that indicate unauthorized access attempts, such as repeated login failures. In addition, third-party encryption hardware or software can leverage the technology to delete cryptographic keys or other essential code of decrypting encrypted data.

Ericsson is also planning to make its security modules available in business laptop in the second half quarter of upcoming year.

It is to be noted that Ericsson is not only the first vendor which is using Intel's security hardware successfully. Lenovo this month introduced a business notebook which is providing a similar anti-theft mechanism using the chipmaker's technology and software from Absolute Software. But, Lenovo laptop doesn't have GPS service and here Ericsson get over Lenovo.


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its common to be stole of laptop for making your business laptop data secured even if it stole any where.

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