Make A Call With Wireless iPod Touch

Truphone is allowing its iPod Touch users to make calls to other iPod Touch proprietors and Google Talk's messaging services users. The software came in existence due a spin-off technology developed by Truphone for smartphone and iPhones. Truphone turn out to be the latest firm to offer voice over Internet protocols(VoIP), alongside Unlicensed Mobile Access and Propriety protocols such as Skype.

"There are a slew of new features we're rolling out for the iPod Touch that will let users call landlines, Skype users or send instant messages. We're talking weeks, not months, before these go live." said, Geraldine Wilson, Truphone's CEO.

Although Truphone technology is capable to work on any mobile device, the company is focusing on a equipment that have an application store.
"We've decided to focus on devices that are Wi-Fi enabled and have an apps-store. For the consumer, there has to be an easy way of downloading an application. Our focus on the consumer side - at least in the short term - is finding devices that fit that category," she added Ms Wilson.

The only drawback of Wi-Fi connection to work is that  the users need to be in range of a Wi-Fi network or should be within Wi-Fi hotspot.

Truphone founder, James Tagg, said that the technology also worked on other mobile devices, though in slightly different way. "If you were using Truphone on a Blackberry, it will use cellular technology to log into the Truphone's website. From here you can make an international call, call a user on VoIP, or send an instant message."

"Because the first leg of the call - from the user to our server - is charged at local rate, you're talking a bill of pennies, rather than pounds, to call, say the United States."  he said.

The firm also said that Google's Android operating system would be the next platform for which it will develop the Truphone application.


Auto Attendant Service said...

Is this service available for every major cell phone carrier? I've seen different variations of voicemail fine-tuning apps out there and wasn't sure if this function was available outside of Apple products.

iPhone Apps for Lawyers said...

Awesome! I never thought there's an application like this, if its connecting through wireless I think its for free. I would definitely wait for the Android version of this one. Cheers!

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Awesome technology wireless free calling thanks apple for this...

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