Microsoft Out In iPhone Market With Seadragon

Microsoft is spreading itself in different fields, after Saturday launch of Seadragon a mobile imaging software, they jumped in iPhone market. With the help of software iPhone user can easily navigate large image or bunch of images, using the Apple iPhone's touch screen interface.

"Want to see giga-pixel images on your iPhone? Now you can--with Seadragon mobile," wrote a company blogger on Microsoft's Live Labs site, in a Saturday post.

As per blog, Seadragon Mobile lets users scroll through and zoom in-out, maps or photos, "with just a few pinches or taps of your finger." Application is built using Microsoft's Photosynth technology which is specifically designed to handle large image files. Photosynth lets users stitch together separate images into a continuous whole to create panoramic pictures.

Up to now, Microsoft has held off introducing apps for the iPhone--preferring instead to focus on its own Windows Mobile platform. It appears, however, that Microsoft can no longer simply ignore the iPhone's market dominance.

Microsoft company employees are still wondering that why Seadragon Mobile was released for Window Mobile. "It's terrific to see this innovation coming out but I have to ask myself where is the Windows Mobile version?" wrote Steve Clayton, a Microsoft technology manager who works on software and services projects, in his own Saturday blog post.
"Surely phones like the touch HD from HTC would benefit from this too?" he said. "The app is astonishing, the aerial maps with Seadragon and GPS enabled are a joy to behold," Clayton continued.


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