Sun's JavaFX Expecting To Shine High

Sun microsystem is launching its JavaFX scripting language to create rich Internet applications and give competition to their rivals like Adobe's Flex, Microsoft's Silverlight and open source Ajax. JavaFX also answer need for flexible, adaptable user interfaces for today's booming technology like smartphones and other mobile devices.

JavaFX won't change any basic Java user interface such as Swing component set, which is a key to create internet applications. Instead of that, JavaFX helps to make Java components more easier and sort of user friendly for designers, content creators and scripting language users, which will allow group of programmers to create interactive Web applications. A web site built with the help of JavaFX, will allow publisher to provide variety of animation and graphics to they users.

"This is the biggest innovation to come to the Java platform in years. It's really allowing the Web design community, the Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator users, to come into the fold," said Eric Klein, VP of Java marketing, in an interview.
"It brings us into the same space as Adobe Flex and (open source) Ajax," he added.

As a scripting language, JavaFX have simplified syntax and logic to create the common menus, buttons and interactive elements of Web application interface. With the help of Swing and Java application logic, JavaFX is capable to deliver the requirements of the end users. Beside this, the Sun move is an acknowledgment of the usefulness of Perl, Python and PHP, all open source Web scripting languages that are used by those who have a lose grip on technicality of Web development and fails to match Java programming skills.

JavaFX will be available as a JavaFX SDK or downloadble tooltik. Eclipse users can also access through a plug-in to the Eclipse open source programmer's workbench. A similar plug-in will be available for NetBeans, Sun's Java IDE and another plug-in for Adobe Photoshop "We wanted to make sure [to use] the tools people are familiar with and have been engaged with for years," said Klein.
The plug-in will help developers to design user interfaces with active elements in JavaFX.

Sun tried to cover all multi-media field in one stroke, for example, JavaFX developer can produce and mobile phone application that "will be able to call into the Java API specific to using a camera on a phone" and capture an image to post on the Web. "It's an easy way to put things together," said Jeet Kaul, senior VP for Java client software engineering.

Since JavaFX is issued as an open source scirpting language under the GPLv2, it has a wide scope of becoming favirate for developers to built rich Web applications with seaveral few features.
A web site for the JavaFX community has been established.


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