Windows 7 Hits Beta, Windows Vista SP2 On Its Way

Microsoft is almost ready to release two major updates for its Window operating system franchise.
Microsoft plans to launch a beta version of the latest Windows Vista service pack to the general public this week. Window Vista Services Pack 2 will be available for the free download from Microsoft's TechNet Web site starting from this Thursday, according to a blog post by Microsoft Window VP Mike Nash.

"For those of you who choose to test this service pack, we encourage you to install the beta as soon as you can; your feedback will help us to ship a solid and stable service pack for Windows Vista," Nash wrote on his blog.

Several security and performance updates are include in fort coming Windows Vista SP2 since their last released Vista SP1 in March. Nash says "support for new types of hardware and emerging standards that will grow in importance in the coming months"
In Vista SP2, the latest Bluetooth specification and Blue-ray HD media encoding features are well supported. SP2 also get Microsoft's Windows Connect Now Wi-Fi configuration tool.

For Windows 7, in an another Microsoft blog post said that programmers who attend an MSDN Developer Conference in January will be given a DVD containing the first beta version of the operating system.

For the first time Microsoft unveiling its Windows 7 feature at its Los-Angles Professional Developers Conference in October. Formally company has announced that Windows 7 won't launched until early 2010, but the January release of beta disk is signing that company is eager to launch its new OS Windows 7 and can make its debut in late 2009.

Microsoft is hoping Windows 7, which includes native support for touch screens, will help erase memories of Vista, which by all accounts has been a disappointment for the company.


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