Need For Speed Is Gearing Up In Three Different Directions

Electronics Arts, well known as EA, is ready to spread its 15 year old racing series Need for Speed in three new games into three different genres -- simulation, arcade and action racing.

"It's all about crafting different games for different audiences," said Keith Munro, EA marketing vice president. "The 'Need for Speed' brand is quite powerful. It has great recognition, even outside of gaming. When we talked to consumers about what the brand meant to them, we realized that it could be stretched to new limits on different platforms."

A collaboration has took place between Need for Speed creator EA Black Box and Slightly Mad Studios for the whole new series Need for Speed Shift development and for Need for Speed World Online EA Black Box worked with EA Singapore. Company said Black Box will continue to work on a new action driving game, despite recent company-wide layoffs.

"They will still be very much involved in the development of 'Need for Speed' products," Munro said. "Over the years, we've asked the Black Box team to deliver a new 'Need for Speed' game every year. We've gone to a couple of new studios to deliver next fall's games to inject freshness into the category and give the Black Box team time to retrench."

The new games are expected to be out later this current year, Need for Speed Shift, simulation racing for the PS 3 and Xbox 360. Second, Need for Speed World Online, a multiplayer action driving game for the PC; and third but not the least Need for Speed Nitro, an arcade style racing game which is developed by EA Montreal for The Nintendo Wii and DS.

"In the past, our 'Need for Speed' games have done very well on all platforms," Munro said. "We just think we can do better with this new plan. We actually have the opportunity to devote an entirely new studio and development team to the creation of a from-the-ground-up Nintendo-only 'Need for Speed' game. We didn't have those resources available before."


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Need for Speed World Online EA Black Box is a great online game .. EA has added another great game in it profile .. NFS series latest is RUN, lets wait and watch what's it has to give..?

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