Asus's Netbook May Sport Google's Open Source OS 'Android'

Asustek Computer planning to releases its netbook sporting Google's open source Android operating system.

In an interview, head of Asus's Eee PC division, Samson Hu, said that the company has allotted a group of engineers to create an Android netbook which is expected to get complete later this year. Thou, it is not clear that company will make it commercial, Hu added.

Asus has a lot of experience over netbook field. Company also carries a good knowledge with Android, since it is working with its Garmin to develop a line of smartphone, and some of them will run on Google's Android.

Way back in 2007, when Android was introduced, it was said that search giant is trying to expand its reach in mobile phone technology. Till date only T-mobile G1 is a handset which runs on Android, but things are going to change soon because later this year many smartphones companies like HTC, Motorola and other major cell phone manufactures are expected to carry Android in their handset.

Currently smartphones are ruling the market, and it is Google how wants to get its OS in this wild run. Google also wants to get its OS in other machines like set-top boxes, mobile Internet devices and netbooks. Archos is already prepping to put the Linux-based OS on an Internet-connected tablet, Nvidia will support Android on its Tegra chipset, and Freescale Semiconductor recently added support for Google's OS to its ARM-based processors


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