500 GB Data In 2.5-Inch SSD By A-DATA

A-DATA technology revealed its 500 GB SSD at CeBIT 2009. The product launched by company is about 2.5 inch and is capable of storing about 500 GB.

A-DATA's 512 GB XPG 2.5 inch SSD offers notebooks and PC enthusiasts half a terabyte of storage with excellent read and write speeds. With Aluminum casing this small storing monster looks cool! Thou, company doesn't reveal its price.

When it comes to speed in both ways(read/write), the 2.5 inch SSD give a top speed of 230 MB/sec and 160 MB/sec respectively. In addition, 512 GB XPG 2.5 inch SSD can resists a shock of 1500G/0.5 ms and a mean time between failures (MTBF) of 1,500,00 hours (figures look good :-D .....)

"Continuing to leading in the industry, A-DATA is committed to provide the highest performance, capacity, and best quality products to satisfy the needs of PC enthusiasts," the company said. "Through the launch of the highest capacity of SSD in the industry, the 512 GB XPG 2.5-inch SSD is committed to satisfy the needs of notebook and PC enthusiasts on fast transfer rate and high capacity SSD."

A-DATA is the world’s second largest vendor of memory modules. The company’s main product lines include memory modules, flash memory drives/cards, and multimedia application products.


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its really awesome to know about that and wanted to purchase for my lap it has very small memory... thanks for reliving this product information..

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