28nm Parts, Near In future: Globalfoundries

In an interview, Tom Sonderman, vice-president of manufacturing system and technology in Globalfoundries said that, the company is planning to built an GPUs using 28nm technology, in near future.

According to X-bit Labs website, which published 4 page interview of Tom Sonderman where many topic discussed such as the Globalfoundries name, origin of company and many more other things came in light during interview, but in the end when X-Bit Labs asked a question about AMD outsourcing its chipset and graphics chips to Globalfoundries.

He said, "We intend on competing for AMD’s graphics business in the 32nm/28nm technology node," However, as X-Bit pointed out, AMD is obliged to require both microprocessors and GPUs from Globalfoundries, as AMD is one of the owners; using the term "competing" may have been inaccurate. Still, Sonderman's answer hints to the possibility that the company may be ready for 28nm processing soon.

Additionally, Sonderman said that the company is already sniffing around for additional clients outside AMD. "We are actively engaging with multiple tier 1 fabless and fablite semiconductor companies who require leading-edge capacity," he added. "We’re not ready to announce any new relationships yet."

"PC platform technologies (CPUs, GPUs), wireless, game consoles, and telecom are a few examples of markets we’re targeting," he confirmed.

Sonderman also pointed towards its 32nm technology, which is already functioning in Dresden. Thou, he did not revel any more details on 28nm processing and when company is going to carry out the new technology.

So keep your figure cross to access in whole new world of '28nm'.


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