Firefox Brings Fennec Firefox Mobile Browser (Beta)

Officially Firefox browser announced the mobile version browser, Fennec. Thou, it will work only on the Nokia N900 internet tablet and developers are invited to download it on their desktops. However it likely be brought out on other platforms, like Symbian and Andorid, after some time.

The mobile version will exploit the opportunities afforded by a mobile platform, explained Sullivan:

"Because it is a browser for a mobile device, the add-ons will be different," he said to the BBC. "You'll see ones that use geo-location and exploit how the device is tilted."

This new browser is made to make-out maximum of limited screen space on mobile and everything possible to minimize typing. The mobile version will also offer similar add-ons like desktop Firefox browser, to allow users to customize.
Thing called "awesome bar" which can be used both as navigation and search bar. Each web pages are expanded to fill the entire limited screen of mobile.

A video demo by Madhava Enros, he is in-charge of designing the interface for Fennec.

Fennec Beta 1 walkthrough from Madhava Enros on Vimeo.


real time gps said...

Firefox gets the pace in mobile web field they likely to plays a big contribution.......

Vancouver Makeup Artist said...

mozila has big contribution in explorers its very good to see that goes for the mobile browser wanted to check it out as soon

Chase said...

Go Firefox!!! Always been a big fan of it, mobile browser is definitely a bonus!

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