HCL ME 06 And HCL ME 45 New Netbook From HCL

HCL infosystems Limited is one of the leading ICT system intergation and hardware company, and now HCL has unveiled its new 3G enabled ME series netbook, the HCL ME 06.

During a press release, the company said the products are designed keep persona of youth in mind and also supports the on-the-go lifestyle of business excutives.

When it comes features, HCL ME 06 comes with integrated 3G capabilites and offers seamless connectivity which means faster access to world of internet. Now a days, energy efficieny is a key thing and HCL ME 06 not disappoint there also it comes with energy star 5.0 certified. There is a wide range of colors including red, blue(personal favorite) and black.

Back to back HCL also launched the new netbook, HCL ME 45. Loaded with multi touch gesture touchpad that helps user to expand, shrink & rotate the picture through the movement of figures on touchpad. Other than looking good, there is some innovative features like data encryption to aviod access to third party without permission, preveting data theft system and sharing data, looks good to me till date here.

HCL ME 06 will be available at the price tag of 19,990 while the HCL ME 45 notebook will be available for Rs 39,990. Both netbooks are going to available soon in India.


gps fleet tracking system said...

HCL ME 06 is the pad configured most of the old fashioned devices but this time comes up with the some thing unique and good configuration.....and with low prices.......

Makeup Tutorial said...

Really cool laptops going to checkit out for its features

Chase said...

Love how it says ME on the lid, like it's been scratched in by a toddler :)

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