LG Out With 60 Mbps SmartPhone Chip

On 9 Dec, LG Electronics revealed a modem chip that could change the face of smartphone connectivity over Internet which offers up to eight times than current speed.
The company flashed a chip that use LTE (Long Term Evolution) this technology is the strongest contender for the next generation mobile broadband. LG claim that the LTE chip could achieve 60 Mbps download speed and 20 Mbps upload which is high enough.

"Now that LG has developed and tested the first 4G handset modem, a commercially viable LTE handset is on the horizon," said Paik Woo-hyun, LG's CTO.

However, LTE technology is yet to be established, and on paper it suppose to have about 100 Mbps download speed. Bu the capabilities of LG's chip are still far superior to modem 3G handsets, which can get a maximum of 7.6 Mbps download speed. Customers can access multiple possibilities with LG's chip and an appropriate network.

The largest telecoms companies in world like AT&T and Vodafone are endorsing for LTE for their 4G networks, and its steadily passing important technical milestones. While some commercial equipment may come as early as 2010 because LTE network can take few year to be launched, which may open the door for rival WiMax.

WiMax is an another company which is backing 4G technology by likes of Google, Intel, Sprint Nextel, Samsung and various cable companies. WiMax may not offer as much as LTE technology providing on papers but it is capable of giving 75 Mbps theoretical download speed, but the technology is already developed by by the Sprint backed by Cleanwire.


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