Nintendo Wii Accelerating With Accelerometer Chip

Nintendo is reportedly planning to upgrade the accelerometer chips with a knock-down version still cost-efficient in their Wii gaming console. Currently Wii remotes use several motion sensing-based games and can be enhanced with some graphical alternatives. Experts believes they are thinking to go after those iPhone apps which transformed iPhones into Wii-like controller!

A tsunami of silicon chip manufactures are moving towards Nintendo with their accelerometer chip designs. Yet, Nintendo deciding that which supplier will replace their currently used accelerometer chips with cheaper ones.
The accelerometer chips are currently supplied by Analog Devices Inc (ADI) of the US and Franco-Italian firm STMicroelectronics (ST). But soon we can see new supplier for sensors used in Wii as other manufacturers are competing.
An evaluation of different accelerometer chips samples is conducted by Nintendo other than ST and ADI, according to sources. Kionix Inc, a U.S. based venture firm, is one of the strongest contender.

Though, Nintendo hasn't officially decided to change its supplier as the manufactures need to meet strict specific requirements for grabbing the contract.
"It is difficult for manufacturers to be selected as a new supplier," said an employee at an acceleration sensor manufacturer.

Since, other rival gaming console makers are pacing up, Nintendo is also making its mind to upgrade or enhance its Wii, to remain gamers favorite.


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