Apple Making Its Way To Future With New Nano

100 million iPod nanos since launcing its first piece in 2005, and new verions will make Apple to hold ground even more strongly in future.

At very first look, new nano looks alike its pervious version but moving  towards new detials, picture gets different. For an example in perivous version screen was 2 inch wide where as in new nano it is 2.2 inches on the diagonal. With some more important features loaded with this new nano, it is availabe for US $149 (8 GB) and $179 (16 GB).

Apple somewho maganes to put an camera on new nano backside with a  microphone which size is no more than a pinhole width. Apple says, it was not easy to do so. Video quality of nano is not so great but is is easy to use this feature.

New nano has a built in speaker, it is not visible since there is no grill for it. And now it is possible to here a song or recorded video without plugging a headphone.

Thou, nano's Fm radio does not work without a headphone since it work as an antenna. Speaker is not so loud, but a nice feature accocrding to me!
"Live pause" is another neat feature which is capable to store up to 15 mintues of radio broadcasting. It even includes a built-in pedometer for logging exercie goals [So go.. go.. joggers ;) ]

In future, there is more tweaks one can expect from Apple but till date, it is one of the best multi media player under $200.


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