Pineview: New Intel Atom processor D510, D450, D410

Back in 2008 Intel announced the Atom processor, as a result two different family member were introduced: Diamondville for desktops, nettops and netbooks and Sliverthorne was for MIDs.
Now, a codename Pineview is introduced for new Atom CPU which is the next generation Atom for desktops, nettops and netbooks.

Pineview is also based on 45nm Atom architecture which integrates a memory controller, GMA 3150 graphics core and DMI link.

There are some improvement, such as sensitivity to memory latency, showed up during synthetic test. But the real world performance benefit is much more less even than it was expected and does not makes much difference.

Two new chip version of New Atom are being announced by the company they are Intel Atom N450, Atom D410 and D510. Whereas, Intel Atom N450 is for low power netbook version, a single core processor.

The Intel Atom D510 and D410 are introduced for desktops and nettops. D510 is a dual core version, whereas D410 is single core version.

When it comes to numbers then all three chips run at same clock speed 1.66GHz. The difference only between this three are core counts, TDPs, memory speed and supported capacity.


Makeup Artist Directory said...

its really very tough to built but all this series is cool and ready to work processors

Chase said...

So is this .45nm architecture the same as Intel's Penryn .45nm architecture, cause that processor was great.

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